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Apophyllite Crystal Meaning

all the gods, all the heavens, all the hells are within you

Life is BIG! Life is lesson after lesson, adversity after adversity. There is also deliciousness to be derived from little things; the deepest delights can be found in the simplest of moments. There is darkness and light in all of us. Such is the nature of life. Just as the moon has many faces, is full and beaming bright on some nights and sunken into blackness on others, we flow through life in phases. Sometimes, we reach for a little crystal magick to aid us as we go.

Crystal Healing

Angelic stones, apophyllite crystals appear in your life when there is cause for deep healing. From the Greek ‘to flake off,’ apophyllite crumbles when heated, along with old emotional barriers formed around you when you open up to apophyllite and work together in spiritual synergy. crystals for sale

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This crystal is incredibly empowering and gently supportive to those unburdening themselves of stagnant energy, attachments that drain or don’t serve them, and especially those dealing with emotional trauma rooted in the childhood years. Intriguingly, people don’t seem to view ‘trauma’ in a wide sense, limiting it only to a set of niche criteria. In fact, trauma, from the German for ‘wound,’ describes any hurt, pain, fear or negative emotion that affected you deeply, that is perhaps triggered from time to time and maybe even goes unnoticed. Trauma can be sustained even from the seemingly innocuous instances, like when you lost your favourite toy as a child, or when someone made a joke at your expense, even without mal-intent. Trauma was seeded when the teacher told you off for something minor, when you were left without a partner during sports class at school, when people laughed at you, when you were faced with public speaking. Anything that upset you can manifest as trauma and this lingers in the body until it is released. Often, deeper traumas resulting from more significant or obvious root causes, manifest physically as dis-ease or aches and pains to draw the mind’s attention to it. This is energy expressing itself in the hopes of being acknowledged, processed, dealt with, released and therefore healed.


Olivia, the owner of White Witch Co, had a huge immune system crash several years ago that medical science could not explain. Blood kits were sent all over Europe and she was tested negatively for everything under the sun. With time, patience, spiritual growth and life assessment, the severe inflammation in her limbs that had left her bed-ridden began to subside. Her glands shrunk to a normal size and health began to glow in her face once again. This bizarre flare-up lasted 3 months and she believes to this day that it was the universe communicating through her body, telling her to acknowledge her life choices in order to set foot on the right path. It was the energy from old emotional wounds building up and up to the point of total collapse, forcing her to be still, think a moment, process, release and heal her life. E-motion is energy in motion. The body is more than a reductive Medieval concept of body as machine. We are so much more. Energy, emotion, light and essence get tangled in the physical form sometimes and those knots need untying. *Sigh of relief.*

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Apophyllite is the go-to power crystal for healing old trauma. This crystal makes light work of heavy subjects. It is imbued with the most gentle, supportive and heavenly energies, which is ironic, because it is powerful and deeply transformative. To be near apophyllite is to slip into a glorious bubble bath filled with lavender aromatherapy oils and float, suspended in the waters. It is the joy of a dragonfly landing on your hat or fluttering close by, saying, hello, I see you; you’re not alone; keep going! It is the hand to hold when you need it the most. This is why apophyllite is one of our personal favourite crystals. Like fluffy clouds, it supports you. It’s got your back.

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Angel Communication

They say that this type of crystal comes with messages from Spirit World, that tuning into the crystal during meditation will bridge the gap from our world to the next, where ancestors who’ve crossed over dwell, waiting in the halls of light to offer guidance and connection. If you feel called to work with spirit guides or guardian angels, or connect to ancestral lineages, this is the stone for you as angel communication and connection is facilitated by apophyllite crystals. If you are a psychic medium or clairvoyant type, a shaman or witch, have apophyllite close to create stronger communication lines with your clients’ guides.apophyllite

Healing Spaces and Treatments

Olivia is a Reiki Master and loves having a strong apophyllite presence in her healing spaces and treatment rooms because it infuses the air with a certain energy, a magickal quality that immediately makes everyone feel restful, at ease and safe. We highly recommend this crystal for healers, therapists, masseuses, practitioners and facilitators of all kinds. Place under treatment beds, on the reception desk, window ledge, consultation room table or even invite clients to hold the crystal if they’re called.


Vibrating at the frequency of pure white light and universal love, apophyllite crystals work wonders for the chakra system, bringing you into balance, removing negative energies, thoughts and behaviours from your auric field and cleansing your space of all that holds you back, gets in your way or does not serve you. Think of this crystal as a spiritual spring clean, a peace, love and light diffuser. When our chakras are aligned, energy can flow freely, smoothly and effortlessly, creating a sense of lightness, contentment and stability. Chakras can become blocked due to prolonged periods of stress, emotional denial, trauma and shock. This can result in physical aches and pains, dis-ease and other disharmonies.peach crystals

The chakras activated by the vibration of apophyllite tend to be north of the throat: the upper chakras. This includes the transpersonal chakras above the body: the causal (above the crown), soul star and stellar gateway. Apophyllite will turn the lights on at all these energy centres, illuminating your energy field, up-levelling your vibe and allowing for deeper connection to spirit, self, inner truth and soul-voice.

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Throat chakra

deals with all matters of self-expression, speaking your truth, being heard, understood and respected. At work, in relationships. In friendships. Within family. With yourself. Develops courage, self-belief and confidence.

Third eye centre

is related to spiritual visibility: are you showing up in the right way or as much as you should be? Clairvoyance. Seeing things clearly. Truth of the matter. Cutting through the fog and to the heart of situations, people, places. Clarity. Crystal-clear thoughts and decision-making. Spirit guides. Psychic.

Crown chakra

is the purple place at the crown of the head, linking our world to Spirit World. The channel of divine guidance, angelic communication and spiritual connection. This is the link to other worlds. Creativity. Focus. Sleep.

Transpersonal chakras

are all about opening the portals to higher realms, meeting the Higher Self, astral projection, lucid dreaming and spiritual ascension. These chakras connect us with the higher energies of the cosmos. However, only when we are grounded can we reach lofty heights, so ensure you’re working on grounding through your Earth Star chakras at the soles of the feet whenever you pursue work with the upper star chakra.

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  • Samantha aspinall

    I have a sublime piece of apophyllite on a shelf next to my bed and today, I was so drawn to it, not really thinking why.
    I have been trawling the internet and came across your page, and this blog piece. I shouldn’t be so surprised, because I believe the universe brings us the messages we need to receive.
    But after loosing my mojo a little lately this has restored my energy, my thirst.
    Thank you.

    December 10, 2019

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