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new moon rituals

New Moon in Virgo

Virgo, the sign of love. Even the name conjures images of young fairy lovers frolicking in the foliage under the light of a pale moon, wings aglimmer, hearts aglow. This dark moon falls in Virgo, on August 30th, and brings with it a shower of opportunities for abundance, romance and resolutions. A new moon is symbolic of shift, of change, of death and rebirth. For when the moon pivots into darkness and leaves the stars wondering where she’s disappeared to, a chapter is closed. A page is turned. There is a momentary pause while we process what has been and plan what is to come.crystal rituals

Her absence creates a moment for reflection, manifestation and magick. Alone, in the dark, we are left to ponder. This is the chance for sewing seeds of intention, being mindful and speaking our desires into existence through ritual (see the post on new moon rituals here). When the sky turns black, the moon hears most keenly, though she cannot be seen. Deftly, invisibly, she bends her listening ear.

What to Expect on this New Moon

A neat and orderly sign, Virgo moon may compel you to frantically clean your apartment and reorganise your life. You may feel sudden urges to declutter, cleanse and rid yourself of ‘stuff.’ Go with it. You may find that this primal need to detox spills out into other aspects of your life – relationships, work and home.

Mars gravitates towards the moon in Virgo too, bringing with him hot air and anger. The planet of war, conflict and sexuality, Mars may trigger you romantically. Prepare for rows, heightened arousal, sexual tension, frustration and aggro. There may be minor nit-picks to major bust-ups. That being said, be prepared too for this simmering irritability to be tempered by the nurturing presence of Venus, who’s joined the party in the skies, and will throw a cooling drink in the face of Mars if he gets too heated. She’ll also make love interests known. She’ll illuminate matches and catches. If you have parties, weddings or events lined up over the coming days, put on your best shoes. Venus energy will provide an abundance of romance opportunities during this new moon – be open to them.new moon rituals

The last to arrive is Mercury, planet of communication. His presence among the stars will ease the flow of communication, diluting the strength of Mars and preventing him from monopolising the atmosphere of this planetary get-together. Communication will feature majorly for you in your relationships – romantic or otherwise. Say what you feel. Feel what you say. Be true. Be open. Be you.

New discoveries are on the horizon for you at this time. Mars injects energy, passion and curiosity into your life. You may find you’ve become a ‘yes man’ overnight, graciously accepting invitations without hesitation. Go with where this new, fiery energy leads – it’ll carry you to where you need to be and present exotic doors to you. Unlock them. Under this new moon is an auspicious platform for budding romance. Anything can happen. Self-awareness is a key phrase to hold in the heart though, as spontaneous bouts of uncontrolled emotions will not go amiss, and these outbursts could be quite devastating if not swiftly addressed or nipped in the bud before they happen. All will be well though, thanks to loving Venus offering us patience, wisdom and tenderness.

new moon ritualsWith the sun trine Uranus, if you’ve been needing a sign to do that thing, this is it. Much like the tarot, the sun energy brings positive change and shines its golden rays majestically down upon you and your grand plans. Seize the day, harness sun energy and the Divine Masculine and commit fully to these dreams – be it booking plane tickets, starting a business or even just flirting with the idea of either and things alike.

rose quartz crystal

Moon Magick and Crystal Grids

New moons are prime times for planting seeds of intention and making your innermost dreams known, so if you feel called, explore the potential with crystal grids here and make your own to harness moon magick in the skies this Virgo season, calling in the love and happiness you deserve. When we tell the universe what we want most for the weeks ahead on a dark moon, as it grows, becoming bigger, brighter and fuller each night, so too do our dreams. We’ve got a blogpost dedicated to new moon rituals, so go check it out!

Happy manifesting and may you always find your way on the darkest of nights.



Olivia x


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