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crystal rituals

New Moon Rituals

As long as there are stars in the sky, you’ll never be alone


The evening sun ~ resting place of the gods ~ left eye of Horus ~ calendar ~ planet ~ deity ~ time-keeper.


new moon rituals

The Full Moon

Our beloved moon has gone by many names throughout the ages and countless cultures have seen their own beliefs reflected in her silvery face. Once, a distant disk shrouded in magic and mystery. Then, a scientific spectacle to be mansplained in terms of matter, observed through telescopes. Now, returned full circle to that once heavenly orb of wonder. The moon has transitioned through our skies and our minds, taking on many different lights…

In Ancient China, the full moon represented family reunion; a coming together of clans. In Ancient Egypt, heightened sexual energy was a side effect, so the horned ox was worshipped as a symbol of fertility.

new moon ritualsFor centuries, the moon was the sole light source when night fell upon the land. When the sun set over the hills and all settled into stillness, it was relied upon by seafarers, travellers and alchemists deep in the deserts. Medicine men with the skies as maps. Fishermen gazing up at her face, seeing their wives’ smiling back. A beacon of hope, onto which poetic visions of love, lust and romance were projected. The moon has meant many things to us. She still makes us swoon and is an aphrodisiac when fully blossomed in the sky, naked and bold. All you need do is peer up from a bedroom window or balcony to fall madly in love with the moon, and conjure up the faces of old flames. Many a masterpiece has been inspired by the celestial rays from above, including Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, allegedly composed for a lover on lake Geneva. Think rowing boats and wine.

When hosting an event, like a wedding or a fabulous party, save the date on the full moon as your guests are far more likely to accept the invite and actually show up. Its mystical sheen draws people out from the shadows to bask in the pale light.

New Moon

Lesser known and eclipsed by its fuller face (pun intended), new or ‘dark’ moons hold depths of promise and potential and are often overlooked. Perhaps it’s due to the shark-eye blackness and sinister shadows that people have long feared new moons, believing that dark equals bad, whereas, in reality, darkness is all part of the merry dance with light. Day and night. Light and shade. Yin and yang. Black and and white. Balance. We do not get one without the other and both are needed. Good and bad are not as clean-cut as black and white.

But perhaps new moons aren’t as warmly embraced or romanticised as full ones for practical reasons, harking back to the Dark Ages. Pre-electricity, the moon was a comfort; as long as it was bright in the sky, there would be light. Being plunged into blackness once a month must have been a little heavy.

Either way, it is time we reconnected with the moon when she drapes herself in that cloak of darkness, when she is brooding, machinating, retreating, only to grow bright and powerful once again. Ancient Egyptians believed that, like the moon, the body could regenerate, entering the next phase, reborn. An old saying was “young as the moon.” New moons are the secret doorway to the infinite garden of dreams, transcendence and transformation. Embrace the blackness, dance with the darkness, harness the new moon magick.

crystal rituals

New Moon Rituals

New beginnings. Next chapter. Blank canvas. Clean slate. Fresh start. When the night falls heavy and the stars wonder where the moon has gone, a portal opens. Listen for the creak of ancient wood as the door swings wide. Feel the weight of watchful eyes upon you, the eyes of the universe. Vanishing from the sky once a month, mother moon slips over this threshold and into the velvet darkness to be united with her lover, the Sun, in distant lands. In her clandestine absence, with the door to infinity left ajar, we plan, pray, list, write, wish, hope, and set our intentions for the phase ahead, so that when she returns, she may illuminate and bring them forth into reality, shining a light on our hearts’ desires. During a new moon, she turns her shiny face to present the blackness of her inner ear. I’m listening, she whispers through the shadows. So be careful what you wish for!

New moons serve as the optimal moment to plant your seeds of intention, unleash your creativity, unburden your spirit and list your goals. This is the time to plug into the night skies and download all that divine power, stirring a deeper one within you. Let the darkness wash over you. Give into the moonless, crow-black night. Dark like the soil, this time is potent for planting seeds of intention. Then, with the growing moon, as she finally spins out of hiding, your fruitful plans and dreams begin to grow too, ready for harvesting in the light of the full moon.

~ Prepare ~

Take a bath; soak in warm water; draw toxins from your system. Alternatively, have a shower, go for a swim, wash your face with tap or rainwater. Cleanse. You want to rinse all of the energetic grit and grime of the last moon cycle away. I personally adore the Loulabel Floral Design ‘bath bouquets’. (She also flowers the most sumptuous weddings, if you need a florist!) Cleansing in this way can also be done with sacred smoke – burn wood, candles, incense or garden herbs like lavender, rosemary, English sage. Check out our video on smudging and burning sacred herbs here. You could even light a fire if you’re committing to a full moon nature immersion. Cleanse from the inside-out with a herbal tea. Sage tea is great for settling tummies, lavender for sleep induction and calming the nervous system and rose for opening the heart chakra.


~ Create Your Sacred Space ~

A sacred space can be anywhere you feel comfortable enough to fully relax, tune in and open up without judgement, distraction or disturbance. This could be a secret spot in a park or woodland, or in your bedroom. Envisage pure white light filling the area around you, cleansing the space with pure, high frequency love. Once you feel this is complete, light some candles and set the mood. Romance yourself and romance the moon. Sacred spaces are sensual ones in which you can tap into your divine feminine or masculine energy. Feel it. Whisper some words of protection or recite a mantra to invite good things. Ours is:

only energies vibrating with love, light and positivity are welcome here.

~ Ground Yourself ~ 

Be seated. Close eyes. Imagine a warm red root sprouting from the base of your spine and reaching deep through the Earth, to its molten core, anchoring you, stabilising and securing you. Fully connected to the mothership, you draw in Earth’s power and healing energy, grounding. The roots then grow in a loop, up from Earth’s centre, connecting with the soles of your feet. This creates a beautiful energy surge, flowing upwards through the chakras in the centre of the body, each one being cleansed deeply and pinging on like a column of lightbulbs. This continues until the energy reaches your crown chakra – the violet-purple energy centre at the top of the head – and from there, the energy flows outwards, into the universe, bridging the gap between you and Spirit World. From here, anything is possible and the voices of spirit guides can be heard.

~ Set Your Intentions ~

Once you feel calm, grounded and part of the world, take a moment to sift through all of the things in your head. Watch them unfurl like smoke clouds, billowing up into the air until they’re gone. Let the thoughts roll on. Breaking waves lapping the shores. Allow whatever comes up to surface without judgement or emotional response. You are simply a witness to your own thoughts now. Be the eyes of the universe; aware and impartial.

Appreciate what you achieved last month. Feel gratitude and pride. Consider what you wish to call in this coming month. Feel gratitude and pride. Gratitude is a powerful frequency at which to operate for it tricks the mind into believing it is already so. If you desire a dream partner, go through life as though you have already found them and, sure enough, you will attract them into your life. The universe responds to our signals. Eventually, if we are consistent in thinking positively about them, these dreams and desires materialise.

Set your intentions for the coming cycle. What do you want? Speak it. Write it. Let it be known. Here are some ideas:

“Tonight, I welcome abundance into my life!”

“Tonight, I open my heart to true love!”

“Tonight, I accept all things and all change in favour of my highest good!”

“Tonight and onwards, I ask for confidence in my own voice and for it to be heard by the right audience!”

“Tonight, and on all nights, I ask to always have enough: a roof over my head, food on my plate and love in my heart.”

“Dear Universe and Mother Moon, please guide me in stepping into my power and reclaiming my sacred, intrinsic birthright in doing so. Help me to achieve____ and _____ .”

~ Crystal Grids ~

For centuries, crystal grids and sacred geometry have been used in manifestation work. Check out our crystal grid kits here and learn all about how you can use them to call in your desires.

crystal shop

~ Crystals ~

The perfect crystal companions for such a ritual are as follows:

  • citrine, for abundance
  • lodolite or rutile quartz for manifestation
  • smoky quartz // black tourmaline // bloodstone // hematite // agate // other grey or brown stone for grounding.
  • rose quartz for love + heart centre-opening + stabilising
  • clear quartz for clarity + seeing things clearly, enhancing the specifics of your wishes; helping you focus on your desires and get to the heart of the matter
  • fluorite for focus, concentration on the meditation and getting in the right headspace
  • anything that calls you! It’s so easy to overthink here, but just keep things simple and work with whichever crystal calls to you. Your intuition knows what energies you need to be working with.

This moon is for manifesting. Be clear and specific in your requests. Enjoy your time talking with the moon and tag us @whitewitchco_ on Instagram in your #newmoonritual posts!



Olivia x



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