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Giant Freestanding Himalayan Quartz Point


deep cleanser

energy unblocker

master healer



EXQUISITE, PURE, HIGH VIBE ENERGY – makes the perfect bath time companion, infusing your water with gentle healing energies.

A beautiful, giant clear quartz point with elusive rainbows that flash and vanish. When peering into the crystalline surfaces of this stone, there is a distinctive kaleidoscope effect created by the lens quality of the super-clear crystal walls. A beautiful high clarity stone that can be used as a wand or energy channeller due to its brilliant point.


Of all the crystals on the planet, those from the Himalayas are said to vibrate with the purest energy, highest vibe + cleanest feel. They are sacred beings. Himalayan clear quartz is more powerful than any other clear quartz and is regarded highly as the master healer of the crystal kingdom. This magickal mineral seeks out your spiritual sore spots + pressure points, connects with them uniquely in a bespoke metaphysical healing therapy to help alleviate emotional pain + release energetic blockages, setting you free. Open the door and let the light in.

Clear quartz crystals are known to magnify + enhance the energy of those around it, also that of people and animals. So if you put out good vibes, this cluster will multiply them, nudging you closer and closer to your dreams + where you want to be, what you want to manifest into reality. These crystals also bring you clarity on confusing situations. If you find yourself at a crossroads and need help deciding which direction to take, introduce some clear quartz to your life and watch for the path to unfold…

Other shapes and floating matter within the crystal are known as ‘veils‘ or ‘mists‘ for obvious reasons and can guide you on shamanic journeys involving scrying (peering deep within to receive messages from the universe and spirit guides). It is said that these mists and veils are wonderful for those working the devic realmwicca creatures, such as Faer Folk or gnomes. 

Dimensions (approx):

Length: 16cm

Depth: 10cm

Height: 9cm

Weight: 2kg

Disclaimer: always seek medical advice for health related issues; never rely solely on crystals


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