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Raw Rose Quartz from the Himalayas





divine feminine

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Rose Quartz Crystal Meaning

Rose quartz has been revered throughout centuries for being a mystical, potent love stone.

Typically, this is a really wonderful starter for a beginner’s crystal collection because of its easy-to-work-with, gentle and nourishing energy, but rose quartz will make a great companion for crystal collectors or healers of any level. The Ancient Egyptians hailed this stone for female fertility and, as such, it is involved in many women’s healing process following a miscarriage, operation or trauma to the womb space. Let the healing energy of rose quartz warm you. May you feel held in the womb of the world.

Crystal Healing + Magick

As a natural stress reliever, rose quartz is a lovely crystal to integrate into your skincare ritual. Apply your balms + beauty oils then sit quietly with your rose quartz held to the heart, calling in self-love + good wishes. This is meditation. This is flow. You can practice the ancient art of scrying with your rose quartz by holding her up to the light and gazing into the micro-universes suspended within. If you can match your vibration to the crystal and Spirit World, you’ll tap into messages from above, according to Native American shamanic folklore.

Sex + Relationships

Embodying fecundity + fertility in ancient civilisations, rose quartz is a good stone for enhancing fertility, sexual experience and sensuality. Get in touch with your own sacred femme energy with the help of this stone. Relax, don’t overthink – just having this stone in your presence will help to release stored trauma + suppressed memories that need working through. This stone can be an incredibly powerful sexual healer, removing old emotional blockages from deep within the body. Pregnancy can be eased along and supported by this crystal, they say, as can love. Rose quartz is for attracting romance into your life, for building a stronger relationship with yourself and for healing the heart chakra. Work with this crystal to deal with feelings of depression, anxiety, worthlessness and a lack of self-love, bringing things to the surface that you didn’t even know were there.

Dimensions (approx):

10 x 12 x 7 cm

disclaimer: always seek medical help for issues related to mental / physical health; never rely solely on crystals

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