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Giant Himalayan Smoky Quartz Crystal + Black Tourmaline

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a gorgeous, chunky + solid stormy-grey smoky quartz generator point embedded on unusually textured + creamy, ‘fluffy’ looking feldspar matrix, with black tourmaline inclusion


Shady times call for shady measures. Smoky quartz is a super effective spiritual cleanser and is extremely grounding due to its earthy root chakra colours. If you gravitate towards this crystal, it could be a sign that it’s time to open your heart to smoky quartz, do some shadow work + actively process some of the dark stuff within yourself.

Having been exposed to radiation during its formation in the womb of the world, deep in the earth, this stone is really good for dispelling electromagnetic waves, which is healing for our bodies in this modern, techy world.


Tell your intentions to the crystal so that it knows how best to help you manifest your dreams and desires. This stone is a powerful listener and manifesting tool, so work with it o your advantage. Meditate with the coffee coloured crystal for a little mood uplift. Let it drain away the anxiety, anger, jealousy, resent + built up emotions from the day. This will be your new favourite. We love hanging out with smoky quartz on the sofa, with Netflix and a pizza. Oh so comforting, with a presence as big and as warm as a cat or a dog.



Height: approx 10cm

Width: approx 20cm

Depth: approx 15cm

Weight: 2.454kg (2459g)

Disclaimer: always seek medical advice for health related issues; never rely solely on crystals

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Weight 2.2 kg


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