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Glittering Black Apophyllite + Stilbite Crystal | Collectors Edit


A heavy, protective crystal laden with apophyllite crystals on glittering black chalcedony matrix and warm peach stilbite for deep heart chakra healing. A seductive temptress of a crystal.


This crystal, like all of our apophyllite and zeolites, is sourced from the Jalgaon district in Maharashtra, India, close to the famous Ajanta caves. These sacred caves are carved into the rock bordering the powerful Waghur river that flows down waterfalls into a valley, surrounded by lush trees and wildlife. They were discovered in 1819 by a colonial British soldier in pursuit of a tiger through the jungle. Housing Buddhist stupas and shrines and sprawling enough to house the tombs from Ancient Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, these holy caves are shrouded in magic and mystery because the advanced technology needed to construct them was not available in 200BC. And so, this Indian crystal comes with a colourful story, from colourful, distant lands. A crystal imbued with wisdom from many moons ago.


Chakras: Earth Star, Root, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, Crown, Soul Star, Causal, Stellar Gateway

Uses: loss, bereavement, grief, fear, change, moving, depression, anxiety, meditation, spiritual work, angels, ascension, deep healing, healing spaces (yoga studios, treatment rooms, massage, Reiki, hypnotherapy etc.), new ventures, releasing trauma, beginning counselling courses or therapy, working with old emotional pain, childhood trauma you’re ready to let go of, bullying, insomnia, sleep, lucid dreaming, protection at night, heart healing, headaches, bruising, cell regeneration, forgiveness, apology, building bridges, acceptance, equanimity, peace, aura clearing, chakra clearing, balancing, general wellbeing, throat chakra healing, freedom of speech, expression, creativity, deep grounding.


A personal favourite, apophyllite is unmistakably angelic. Eyes closed, I’d detect its non-judgemental, light energy immediately, like crystalline angel feathers. You’ll hear the flutter of wings close by when you welcome this crystal into your home. So many people work with apophyllite in meditations in order to bond more closely with their guardian angels and to invoke the angelic presences of archangels like Michael, for protection, and Raphael, for healing. These guys are my wingmen (pun intended) in Reiki healing and self-treatments. I call on both to protect me at night and fill my space with love and light.


Generally, apophyllite of any colour works for you, with you, in releasing stored and suppressed emotional and physical trauma, even that of past lifetimes from moons gone by. Different lives lived, different pains known. This is possibly one of the most powerful stones at de-armouring whilst vibrating with the gentlest energy. With every negative experience inflicting pain, shame, humiliation, guilt and fear on us, we close ourselves off a little more, making it increasingly difficult for the light of healing to reach and set us free.


With apophyllite close by, all weights are lifted, shoulders float downwards, we unburden ourselves from the weight of the shame, the guilt, the worry. Let this stone be a reminder that life is precious. In the grand scheme of things, relative to time in a linear context, our lives are momentary. We are mayflies dancing in summer sun at the end of a balmy afternoon. Honey sunsets. Life is too short to carry your burdens and baggage with every step you take. Drop it. Let it all fall to the floor. Take it off. Lighten the load. Let yourself just be. These crystals will support you in any choice you make, any work you do. They’ll guide you home. Healing starts with a simple choice: to do just that.

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Black Chalcedony Meaning

Black chalcedony is of the quartz family and sings with a deeply restorative reverberation, like the background hum of the universe, locking into your primal root chakra, at the base of the spine, helping to anchor and support you in this world, this life. Being black as ravens on a moonless night, this chalcedony resonates with your earth star chakra, the black transpersonal portal beneath the soles of the feet associated with very deep grounding, stability, sense of security and safety. This crystal is a tonic for anxiety and feelings of floating or drifting through life. If you feel helpless, directionless, purposeless, bring this crystal home to you.

Stilbite Crystal Meaning

Stilbite is of the zeolite family and comes in many forms and colours, most popularly, in neat little bow formations, like the kind tied in little girls’ hair. There is a certain cuteness and charm to them! From the Greek, ‘stilbein,’ stilbite means ‘to shine,’ due to its pearly lustre that catches warm sun, encouraging you to shimmer brightly too. Step into that light. You are light.

Vibrating with the intrinsic energy of Universal Love, stilbite has the power to cleanse you completely of unwanted lingering energies whilst balancing the heart chakra with its warm peachy glow. Anything that doesn’t bring you complete joy will be blasted from your energy field. Anything that doesn’t align with your Higher Self, gone. Hold or have nearby during times of rest and meditation for an enhanced state of relaxation, or simply to infuse your home with loving calm.

Self-care. Today’s buzzword. Sit with stilbite to enhance your own self-are experiences. Be it reading a book, soaking in the bath, or watching Netflix, stilbite is the stone of self-care.

This crystal holds space for you and your family. A wonderful tonic to the home, it balances the subtle bodies. There is so much more to us than one physical vessel. Our physical bodies are comprised of energy moving incredibly slowly, therefore making it perceptible to the human eye, but the higher vibrational bodies of light are there. We can tap into them through our chakras – literally, sanskrit for ‘wheels’, or portals to other dimensions. We are of the infinite universe, borne of sun and moon, with stardust in our bones.

Open to peace. Expand the heart chakra. Lead with love.

approx dimensions

L: 17cm

W: 9cm

H: 7cm


*White Witch Collective is not a medical body and has no medical authority. Seek advice from medical professionals for physical, psychological, emotional health-related issues or concerns*


Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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