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HEADSPACE SpiRitual Kit – Limited Edition


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A luxe, limited edition crystal kit, handmade, selected and put together for the purpose of healing, intention setting and manifesting through the ancient power of crystal gridding. It is time to call in the life you desire. It is time to plant the seeds of your dreams and watch them grow.¬†Please bear in mind that these kits are limited edition, so once they’re gone, they’re gone.

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a formation of stones placed either intuitively or in accordance with sacred geometry; the mathematical formula with which all natural things are created. From snowflakes to stone Henge, Egyptian pyramids to pinecones, certain shapes and structures are universally observed both in nature and crafted by human hands. It is said that sacred geometry underpins the very universe, that the grid upon which the planets and stars are fixed can be interpreted as a Tree of Life.

When we place crystals intentionally, with focus and power, we call in our dreams and desires; we create the life we want. This is why people from ancient civilisations have harnessed the art of the crystal grid for centuries – hooded Druids in the woods, painted Pagans in fields of gold, fire-haired Celts with their faces to the moon and the bejewelled emperors of distant lands. Magick is your birthright. It’s in your blood. Remember.

When can I use this kit?

Whenever you feel called. When you have something in mind that you know needs work, use it then. If there’s something specific you wish to manifest, use it then. When the stars are bright and the moon is full, use it then. When the night is dark and the moon is new, use it then. When it’s your birthday and the stars are perfectly aligned for you, use it then. When you have friends over and want to create your own sacred circle, weaving in wishes with every crystal sewn into the grid, use it then. When you seek guidance, use it then. When you need quiet, peace and meditative flow, use it then. When you simply want to play, use it then.

The moon and rituals

Since the dawn of time, people have held rituals, practises, circles. Gathering under the dark moon has long been a popular tradition, observed the world over, but especially in Old English and Norse folklore. Moondust and moon magick is in our blood. Women’s very cycles are governed by her silvery face. The new, or ‘dark’ moon is the beginning of a new cycle, or moon phase. It is the opening chapter, the first page, shadowy and full of mystery, waiting to be written. This is the time for fresh starts, new beginnings, clean slates. What’s done is done. Now is the time to cleanse and manifest for the month ahead. Every thought, feeling and word spoken or internalised is an investment in that future, our coming days. Choose your actions wisely. Be gentle and kind to yourself and to others. Be mindful and intentional in your deeds. Hold space for yourself, make grids, create rituals with your crystal kit. Manifest, manifest, manifest.

The full moon is when the moon is fullest and brightest. She is blossoming, ripe and full of promise and potential. She is illuminating all your progress thus far in the month. Her beauty turns the tides. She shines a light on areas that need work. What is being neglected? she asks you. Because of this illumination of our problems, reflected and glinting like cats’ eyes in the black road we kept them buried in up ahead, we can be triggered and made to feel uneasy, uncomfortable. Mother moon shakes us awake and into action. Just remember, this is happening for you not to you and can serve as a perfect opportunity to create a crystal grid to set you on the right path again. Lay the crystals and bring it back to your goal and what’s at hand. Try asking a question and arranging the crystals in no particular way (even with your eyes closed), simply being guided by divine intuition. See what you create – any shapes, patterns or thoughts that occur might be your guides trying to tell you something.

Who is HEADSPACE for?

HEADSPACE contains crystals associated with the upper chakras (energy centres) of the body.

Blue calcite: throat chakra ~ freedom of speech, freedom of expression, thyroid // throat issues, being heard, listened to, feeling confident in your own voice.

Fluorite: crown chakra ~ spiritual expansion, ascension, psychic development, clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, headaches, migraine, creativity, focus, matters of head vs. heart, energy detox.

Amethyst: crown chakra ~ the artist + writer’s stone, passion, nightmares + dreams, sleep, protection, shamanic visions, calmness, serenity, angel connection, spirit guides, spiritual level-up

Clear quartz: all chakras ~ master healer, pure white light, blockage remover, obstacle clearer, house cleanser, spiritual detox, positivity, light in the dark, door opener.

This crystal kit is for anyone who relates to any of the following:

low mood, anxious, over-thinking, racing thoughts, misunderstood, not taken seriously, ignored, not listened to, left behind, struggling to keep up at work, unfocused, de-motivated, inability to make clear-cut decisions, stuck, passionless, exhausted, drained, needing a fresh start, lack of trust in decisions, lack of trust in judgement, drowned out by other voices, insignificant, unimportant, reached a plateau in spiritual development, an artist, a writer, a creator, a decision-maker, confused, at a cross-roads, unsure of purpose, disconnected from spirituality, wanting to improve aspects of life, wanting a dream to come true.

HEADSPACE can be used by anyone for any matter, but Olivia personally uses this kit to help with her anxiety. As the stones relate to the upper chakras, most notably the crown (head), the energy is perfect for those dealing with a low mood, hormonal peaks and troughs and troubles with anxiety.

Use your crystals in this kit to create your own grid, intuitively, or follow these instructions below (and pictured):

  1. Use your palo santo stick to cleanse crystals by lighting one end, allowing to flame for a few seconds, and blowing out gently. Wave smoke around in an anti-clockwise spiral direction to release stagnant energy within the stones and clockwise to charge with a fresh intention. Spirals are symbolic of the energy of the universe growing, building (clockwise) and diminishing, shrinking. Power up, power down. This stick is your magick wand.
  2. Place your centrestone (blue calcite) with the intention for this grid. Speak what you desire into existence (either in your head, or out loud), in present tense, as though it is already so. e.g. if you want a new job where you feel valued and enjoy your days, say “I love my new job where I get to feel ___ and do ___ and people value and respect my opinion.” [IF your intention is of a heart-related matter, you may prefer the HEARTSPACE kit. That being said, all crystals can be used for all issues; it’s just about setting the intention with meaning and conviction]. Speaking audibly may feel awkward at first, but you’ll get better with practice and it’s very liberating and empowering to tell the moon and stars the secrets of your heart. In crystal gridding, with every stone placed, you enter into a dialogue with the universe and it’s all ears.
  3. With the same verbalisation and intention, place the clear quartz point at the following clockface positions around the centrestone: 12, 2, 6, 9 and fill in the gaps with the remaining points.
  4. Nestle the fluorite tumblestones or amethyst chips either between, above or below the points.
  5. Gaze upon your grid, soaking up the magick, stepping into your power, feeling the glory of what you’ve created soak into your heartspace, throat and crown chakra. Expand, integrate, assimilate, manifest. And so it is.

Each kit contains:

1 x blue calcite palmstones

8 x clear quartz points

8 x fluorite tumblestones

8 x baby amethyst chips

palo santo stick + rose

card insert (instructions + crystal meanings)

White Witch Collective’s SpiRitual kits make wonderful gifts, both to friends, family and also yourself. Give yourself the gift of manifesting your dreams and calling in the life you desire.

These kits are designed by Emily of Classy Bird Designs x

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