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Reiki + 1-1 Spiritual Guidance

‘universal life force energy’ – the vibration within every living being

I’m Olivia, owner of this magickal shop, and I’m a qualified, insured and accredited Reiki practitioner with a traceable lineage to Dr Usui. (Qualifications and UK Reiki Federation membership available on request). It is my belief that Reiki has been around since the dawn of time, by definition (universal life force energy), but Usui is simply a key figure in returning the practice to us in the last century and developing a standardised methodology. Diane Stein, a renowned Reiki healer of her time, shares this belief, endorsing research supporting its existence in ancient Tibet.

My Reiki Master-teacher has pioneered the movement of alternative healing into the clinical space of the NHS across London and Bristol, working at the BRI, London oncology wards and children’s hospitals.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive, fully-clothed, hands-on healing technique that works to realign the energy systems of the body, breaking down emotional blockages caused by stress and trauma that manifest as physical, psychological or emotional pain // ailments, all for the purpose of making you feel better. Reiki can be a profoundly therapeutic, cathartic and relaxing experience.

It is the belief of Reiki practitioners that the body is more than just a mechanical set of functions, as Western medicine has us believe. This concept is itself outmoded, for Western medicine is predicated on Renaissance notions of the body as machine. This is limiting. We are so much more. We are spiritual beings having a human experience, not humans having a spiritual experience. When the emotional self cannot process something (e.g. shock, trauma, betrayal), it manifests in the physical body as dis-ease, blockage or breakage so that it may be acknowledged, processed and released. Reiki soothes the emotional body, intuits the emotive root cause and thus can work to mend the physical over time. Of course, as a disclaimer, it is always advised to speak to your GP if there is something of a physical or psychological nature that you believe needs treating, but Reiki is a wonderful complementary treatment in itself.

While Reiki is really supportive to those facing anything in life – divorce, marriage, miscarriage, mental health, retirement, conception, failed relationships, lack of abundance, illness, grief, migraine, insomnia (the list goes on!) – it is absolutely nothing to be feared or overwhelmed by. I was incredibly nervous and apprehensive about booking my first session and it’s natural for you to feel the same, but once I welcome you and we get chatting, you’ll feel totally relaxed. Only good things can come of Reiki because it is an intrinsically good practice, working for your Higher Self and your Highest Good. No fear, just love.

Any questions, feel free reach out to me at [email protected] – payment received via BACS.

healing in the Reiki Room

reiki healing

Private Sessions

I provide cozy 1-1 sessions in my flat for adults, children, animals and even plants! Candles are lit, incense is burning and a light smudge is included at the end to shift any lingering energies that together we’ve released throughout the session. Smudging involves the harmless burning of sacred herbs in the belief that the smoke cleanses the space of any negative energy, welcoming in only peace, love and light.

As you can imagine, following a Reiki treatment (especially if emotions arise), there is residual energy that needs lifting. Just as a doctor has hand sanitiser on tap, I like to responsibly ensure that my practice space and the energy of my clients is always clean and fresh. Think of it as spiritual disinfectant!

Distance Healing

Although I am based in Bristol and clients do travel for hands-on treatments, I do offer distance healing, which is widely debated to be equally or more powerful an experience. The distance healing format is identical to a hands-on healing session in that the therapy bed is assembled, candles are lit, incense is burning and the intention to heal is set – the difference is that the bed is empty. We begin with a FaceTime call to check in, talk through what’s been bothering you over a cup of tea and agree on a set time for you to receive the Reiki. We’ll end the call, or remain on the line (though I find this can interfere) while you get comfortable in your bed. Telepathically, I scan your body and carry out a full body Reiki treatment, from head to toe, over the therapy couch, as though you were on it. Due to the lack of physical interaction, many people believe the effects of a distance healing are stronger because we are working with only the emotional body and the energy does not become diluted. Once the treatment is completed, unless you’re asleep, we will pick up the phone to feedback and discuss what came up.

Price List

Below are listed the basic session types and price list, but it is worth bearing in mind that each session is unique and when working with energy, emotion and intuition, anything can come up during your time here.

refresh + unblock (bestseller):

1hr (treatment, consultation, tarot, herbal tea + smudge) £65

  • a wonderful power-up
  • rebalance energy levels
  • soothe hormonal imbalances
  • chakra realignment (energy centres)
  • helpful to insomniacs
  • deeply calming
  • gently grounding
  • relieving for anxiety + depression
  • releasing energy that no longer serves
  • clearing the cobwebs from the heartspace
  • receiving healing energy from the universe

deeper healing:

1hr 30 mins (treatment, consultation, herbal tea + smudge) £85

  • longer treatment
  • longer duration at each chakra // energy centre, allowing for more energy work

power-up // student package:

45 minutes (treatment, consultation, herbal tea + smudge) £40

  • shorter treatment
  • perfect for students on a budget who need access to healing
  • perfect for an early morning, pre-work mindfulness session, restful lunch break or post-work power-up
  • perfect for children or animals

distance healing:

45 minutes (30 minute treatment, 15 minute consultation) £40

see above on distance healing

package healing:

while one session should set the wheels in motion for your energy body to begin self-healing and clearing emotional blocks, Reiki is most effective after several treatments. This is due to the Reiki going a little deeper the more relaxed and accustomed you are to the treatment process. Furthermore, it can sometimes take a little longer to ‘warm up’ and get used to receiving the healing energy. Healing on an energetic, emotional, spiritual and physical level is no small feat, which is why people benefit most from more than one treatment. Think of it like a road block. It will take a lot of coordination, time, collaboration and several attempts at clearing the rubble. Then, traffic is slow moving until it becomes free-flowing. There is a lot of work that goes into restoring balance and flow. Alternatively, the phrase ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ sums this up aptly! Good things take time. So, if you feel called to receive healing energy and release what needs to be let go of, come along to a session.

Enquire about our packages [email protected]

preparing for your restful visit

reiki bristol


“How to I begin my spiritual journey?”

“What’s the best crystal for anxiety?”

“How do I practise grounding more effectively?”

“How can I protect my energy?”

These are some of many questions that rattled round my head when my spiritual awakening dawned. Having always been deeply spiritual, in touch with my shamanic ancestors and guides, it came very naturally to me. I was asking things like, “is my name my soul?” aged 3, to exemplify this. Along the path, I have met so many teachers, masters and guardians whose knowledge and wisdom has helped reinforce what I already knew. For we all possess a deep knowing, on a soul level. This life is all about remembering. We are ancient beings flung from the stars. It’s within us. Sometimes, we just need support and guidance along the way.

I’m here to offer personal, bespoke guidance to suit you at whatever stage on your spiritual path. We will speak either in person or via FaceTime. I will tune in, meditate with you, hear what you have to say and offer insight, wisdoms and guidance to illuminate your path. Most importantly, there is a lot of noise in the wellness industry these days. I stick to what I know, what I believe in and what resonates on a soul level and share this with you. I keep it simple, come from the heart and won’t overwhelm you.

Let’s unfold the road ahead, together.

Speak to Olivia at [email protected]

to learn more about Reiki treatments or discuss 1-1 spiritual mentorship

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