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smoky quartz crystal
Hi Olivia, I just had to tell you that my absolutely gorgeous rich coffee smokey quartz and black tourmaline has arrived. You are going to think me quite mad, but when I saw this beauty on your stories - the pull was incredibly. I have loved crystals for quite a while now, even my teenage daughter has a connection with them (she is on the Autism spectrum and the help they have been with her emotions is unbelievable). I have been reading on and off for a while about the Goddesses. It has always been the gentler ones that have interested me in the past. But yesterday I pulled one of my books off my book shelf and felt I needed to look at Durga, I read how she helps you with your negative side, how she is recognised in strong winds. I walked the dog this morning and the wind was gale strength, the trees clattering together like her weapons. Then your amazing crystal arrived, it practically knocked me off my feet, I was shaking! I thought it was a he, but actually it feels like it has a strong Durga aspect. You wrote in the box 'blessing on your journey' and you mention looking back in your write up on her how she helps with shadow work. I feel some work needs to be done, so many signs. I really do have a journey to make. Thank you so much for this amazing crystal. She is sat next to me now and my chest is so tight. I can't wait to feel the beautiful aquamarine I ordered from you a few days after if all your crystals are like this. I am so pleased I have found your site. Many, many thanks, and warmest wishes,

Jenny D

I love the Selenite! Thanks so much for the advice, the beautiful rose quartz and especially for posting so quickly. Couldn’t be happier with buying from you ☺️ xx


crystal shop
Lovely, just as I expected, cute packaging and a sweet note from the seller. I would recommend


crystal shop
I was very happy to discover Olivia's store & even more happy with the communication & purchase of these beautiful, high quality crystals. Don't be afraid to ask her anything, she is a rich source of knowldge on the topic of all that surround crystals {if she wrote a book, I'd be the first to buy it!} the information she provided me has been so helpful. I look forward to coming back! ❤ Thank you

Scarlet R

This item is sold EXACTLY as seen, it terms of colour shape and size! I brought one for my sister and loved it so much I got another for me, the message inside and the customer service that White Witch Co. provide is brilliant. Would highly recommend.

Sian M

crystal shop
Beautiful seller, beautiful crystals! They are so gorgeous; each & every one of them in pristine condition! I couldn't be happier with my purchase or the service provided by Olivia; I cannot thank you enough for your guidance & personal experience... you've help me more than you know... THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ❤

Scarlet R

crystal lovers
Arrived quickly in excellent condition and was as described. No complaints whatsoever

Jess K

crystal sellers
Beautiful vibe from this shop! Love it!

Satty K

white witch
I am so happy with the exquisite crystals I purchased from White Witch Collective. I have never owned a geode before: a hollow rock lined with crystals naturally growing within the rock, formed in nature and by nature. The way both halves fit together delights me. I placed my geode in my bedroom. It felt simply relaxing, and like it was helping me to connect with my inner self, healing from within during the night, calming, pure and peaceful. The amethyst felt like it chose me! The energy of this beautiful purple crystal feels not only rich but also grounding and soothing. I have decided to place it near me when I sleep; it reminds me that I am taking my first steps into a creative, grounded, balanced way of being. It makes me feel steady. My gratitude to White Witch Collective for providing efficient service and beyond excellent value with these crystals to help my life flow smoothly. <3


Hands down, the nicest and most helpful interaction I've had. And the crystals are lovely, thank you!"


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